About aKa

Anyone that is looking for a unique adventure experience during the wet and dry seasons in the beautiful East Kimberley bush, give us a call to book!

aKa is a unique adventure business based in Kununurra WA. We aim to provide a unique experience travelling throughout the East Kimberley bush on Traditionally Owned Aboriginal country, aKa has the respect, blessing and permission from all Traditional Owners for the country aKa has access to.

aKa is a 50% aboriginal owned business which has the respect, blessings and permission of Traditional Owners for the country that aKa is able to show you.

Come spend a nice relaxing day with us on these scenic trips, we visit waterholes, waterfalls, gorges, rivers, creeks, bird watching, swimming, bushwalking, hiking and also some of the most amazing hilltop and countryside views around.

Go Where ever the Day Takes Us! There is no set itinerary with aKa we go where ever the day takes us due to the weather, water, time and your capabilities. aKa guarantees wherever we go it will be stunning!!

Meet ‘Hairy’ – Your Experienced Guide!

I have a very close connection with this beautiful Kimberley country that I am lucky to be able to call home. I want aKa to be able to pass this on to other people and show part of Australia to others.

There is nothing better than sitting on top of a hill somewhere without seeing a house or buildings for as far as the eyes can see, the feeling is very spiritual, humbling and peaceful.

I have been lucky enough to have had the privilege of sitting my arse on a dirt bike, 4×4 vehicles, planes, helicopters, boats, buggies and my two bare feet for the last 21yrs throughout a lot of the country aKa has access to.

I have 21yrs of experience travelling throughout the East Kimberley Country that I have the Privilege and pleasure of being able to show you. I am at peace when I am in the bush, I am part of the bush.

Meet The Team at A Kimberley Adventure

My partners David Hudson and Madeline Gallagher. They are my family and I love them to pieces. Their 2 boys Darnell and Darius are 13 years old twins, they’re my main motivation to make aKa successful. I want to be able to give them a future so as they can live on their country and make a living.

Hudo and Madeline also have a 18 year old daughter Renee and a 23 year old son, Lance who has a wife Celene and son, Pernell who is 2 year old. 

I myself have a 17 year old daughter, Taylah.

These kids are the future of aKa and the drive for us to succeed.

Hudo and Madeline are Traditional Owners for 50% of country aKa has access to. Their whole family are bush people through and through.

What Others Say…

An awesome way to get out there and see the Kimberley. knowledgeable guides, safe and well equipped vehicles. So much fun and a great day out- highly recommended.
We had an excellent day out with aka, I would recommend if you want to get out and experience our Kimberley then there’s no better way. The Honda’s are a top machine very safe and comfortable to operate and not to mention the guide, well he’s a bit of a character. I’ll certainly be doing it again.
So I’ve been out on a couple of the adventures aKa offer now. It’s a great day out riding in the Honda pioneer buggies supplied. Great scenery in a smooth ride … You can’t compare a 4wd to these… they go anywhere! Steep rocky terrain to river crossings, it’s all fun! And you won’t need to visit the dentist later lol! Plenty of waterholes and amazing rocky ranges… The crew know the area like the back of their hands. Do yourself a favour and book a ride!